Dynamic Auctions as marketing platform within the livestock industry is the result of the need that became clear because of prospective buyers who wanted a product (genetics – bulls or females), were told by seedstock producers to “wait for the production auction”. It is simply wrong to wait with the sale of a finished product for a future date, because only then a fair market related price can be determined.  

If the buyer, who had the need for the animal (a stud bull for example)  at the time of the request, could convince the seller to sell such high value and sought after animal, how is the price then determined, if the animal’s price is not determined by free market powers and principles as is the case with a public auction. 

This need, combined with the challenges posed by Covid-19, in conjunction with other challenges like time spend away from the farm, distances to travel to once off events instead of well planned road trips to optimise time and distance travelled made some seedstock producers realise the need to:

  • Offer animals to the broader public/industry as the need may arise
  • Not only to be limited to offer top animals on a single production sale per annum, but to have the opportunity to offer animals more frequently 
  • Provide all parties interested in a specific animal fair opportunity to acquire such animal at a fair market related value/price.
  • Thus, Dynamic Auctions would like to facilitate the sale of livestock (breeding and commercial) to any interested buyer at a fair price as determined by the market.

Our mission is to connect buyers and sellers on an affordable platform to trade honestly at fair value while adding value to sustainable livestock production.

Our vision is to connect satisfied buyers and proud sellers at their own convenience where both parties are winners.

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The Trifecta Simbra Group consist of the Brasim (Carletonville), Vleisberg (Ventersdorp), HappyVenture (Standerton) and Reggeraai (Vredefort) studs. These members were actively exchanging genetic materials among themselves, and are prepared to offer similar opportunity to other breeders within the Simbra Industry. 

The emphasis of the group is on modern breeding techniques and principles to produce seedstock able to produce high quality sought after animals at a profit, through the uitilsation of natuaral resources and delivering excellent dress out percentage grainfed carcasses without hormone supplementation.  

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